Lose faith.  That is a pretty bold statement.  Lose faith.  To lose faith implies that we have faith right now.  The thought that comes to mind may be “What do I have faith in?”  We have faith that we can do it, that our strength ...Read the rest

They are in bathrooms.  They are on cars.  They are in purses and on cellphones.  Mirrors are everywhere and those mirrors reflect back at us an image that we sometimes do not want to see.  Many times if we could just change our nose or ...Read the rest

I read a verse in my Bible the other day that seriously shook me up.  Jesus is talking to the people that are following Him around, His disciples.  The 12 disciples have become pretty tight and Jesus tells them that a time will come when ...Read the rest

Yesterday, I tweeted that “ We can do so much more if we know Christ personally.  He changes everything.”  This has really been on my mind lately.  I’ve been in Washington D.C. for a family vacation and have seen a lot of inspiring things.  I ...Read the rest

Different people seem to be looked at as more valuable than others.  The quarterback on the school football team may seem to be so valuable to the team and school, while the kids labeled “emo” or “loners’ seem to be less valuable. Sometimes we think ...Read the rest

Are you free? “Tell me are you free When the fear falls on you Tell me are you free When the fear falls on you Tell me are you free Tell me are you free In word or thought or deed Tell me are you ...Read the rest