Let’s be very blatant and honest right now.  A lot of us have very big stuff going on in our lives at this moment.  We may be struggling with a parent’s divorce.  One of our parents may have lost their job.  Soon a lot of ...Read the rest

This is the worst time of the best time of the year(does that make sense?).  It’s that time when there’s only a few more days left of summer.  That means school is coming up very quickly.  Right now may be the worst time of summer, ...Read the rest

I just got back from Hume Lake.  Let’s just say it was amazing and God definitely worked up there.  Anybody who went knows this.  The way God went before us and the way everything worked out was awesome.  Everybody had a fun time and we ...Read the rest

Last week in “What We’re Doing Now Matters”(check it out if you haven’t) I talked about that we are doing now really matters.  I believe it.  But there’s another common misconception; the misconception that in high school and in our teen years faith needs to ...Read the rest

I know I usually don’t post anything on the weekend, but I’m going to be gone this week and part of the week after.  I wanted to give everybody an update on what’s going on. I’m going with my High School group, The Edge, to ...Read the rest

Most of us have heard the Parable of the Prodigal Son.  He ran away and left his family to pursue what he wanted and then came back and his father embraced him.  But did you know there is a similar story in Buddhism?  It ends ...Read the rest

There’s a common misconception that what we do in our teenage years right now doesn’t really matter.  We’re told nothing right now really affects the outcome of our life.  We’re just sort of left to goof off during our High School years and then figure ...Read the rest

Life is so crazy, chaotic, and unpredictable.  There are some days we wake up and have no clue what will be thrown at us.  Time and time again the question arises of “Why did this happen to me?” “What did I do to deserve this?”.  ...Read the rest

Yesterday I heard one of the most encouraging and challenging messages at church that I’ve heard in a while.  It hit me pretty hard and I think it will hit you hard too.  I’m still thinking about it and it pumps me up every time.  ...Read the rest