This year feels like it has gone by super quick.  It’s almost 2012 which is crazy.  Another year is almost over and done.  Right now can be a good time to think of what happened in 2011 and analyze your life.  Right now is the ...Read the rest

What are you undeniably good at?  What is something you know the most about, can do the best, or have trained the most in?  What is something positive that people say about you?  What do you get compliments for?  What are the things that get ...Read the rest

One of the strangest parts of the Christmas story for me is when there is no room for Jesus in Bethlehem.  There are a lot of parts of the Christmas story that are warm, exciting, and inspiring.  But then there is the part where Mary ...Read the rest

It’s weird to think that Christmas is coming up this quick.  I feel like it was just Thanksgiving, but now it is already time for Christmas break.  I am not complaining at all! What does Christmas mean to you though?  When you read the word ...Read the rest

Santa gets a super bad wrap from Christians.  He really does.  But Santa Claus, AKA St. Nicholas, is a guy that we can learn from. St. Nicholas was a pastor who lived in Myra, which is present day Turkey.  While there are many legends and ...Read the rest

Our culture has this great way of changing things around.  Our enterntainment, tv shows, and music are champions of changing things around.  One of the things they have done is that they have made sin look fun and following Jesus look boring.  Our culture glorifies ...Read the rest