Our lives all have a center.  Our lives all have a middle point, a certain person, idea, or thing that our lives revolve around.  Our life may revolve around a relationship, getting good grades, popularity, looking good, sports, family, or a job.  Our lives all ...Read the rest

I’ve had this consuming thought lately.  It won’t get out of my head and I wanted to share it with you guys.  It is something that needs to be talked about because I believe it changes everything.  I believe it will change our view on ...Read the rest

How many personal friendships do you think the average teenager has?  Like actually personal?  Random Facebook friends don’t count.  The kids we say “Hi” and “Bye” to and nothing more at school don’t count.  Just real, raw, personal friendships count. My guess is that teenagers ...Read the rest

Lately, this video has been going around that is called “Jesus>Religion”.  It’s super good, you should check it out.  Here’s the link: “This video is super good!”  That was the first thing I thought after I watched it.  It had a bold statement to make. ...Read the rest

Sometimes, it’s just hard to experience any joy in high school.  There is more homework to do, more classes to go to, more extracurricular activities to attend, and more friends to try and hangout with.  There’s more obligations that come up, more problems to deal ...Read the rest

It has become very common in culture for people to wear Cross necklaces.  Tons of celebrities can be seen wearing them, kids at school wear them, and people get them tattooed on their body with the one Bible verse they know next to it.  Crosses ...Read the rest