Wow, it’s been a while since I have blogged because the book and the book launch concert has been so nutty, but I am excited to get back to blogging!

Yesterday, I read the story of the disciples in the storm on the boat.  What happens is Jesus tells His disciples to go with him on a boat to this other area.  They get on the boat, and a storm hits.  Terrified, some of the disciples wake Jesus up and tell Him what is going on.  In one motion, Jesus stops the storm and the Bible says

    Mark 35:39  ”And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.”
I had read this story before, but I never noticed that at the beginning of the story it says Jesus told the disciples they were going to the to the other side of the lake.  Jesus said they were going, no matter what.  The storm, it was just a bump in the road and the disciples had nothing to worry about.  Jesus said they were going to the other side, and it happened.
So many times in our lives, we live through and experience storms.  And in these storms we forget that Jesus is close to us.  We forget that, at any time, we can call on Jesus and surrender to His control. We live in a world of storms, and we need Jesus to help us through those storms.  Without Jesus, we will drown and die.  But with Jesus, we can make it through the storms in our lives.
What is a storm you are going through right now?  Does it ever feel like Jesus is far away from you in the storm?  Leave a response here.


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  1. ray

    riley, stoked on your movement and your heart!!! I so needed guys/ CHRISTians/ friends like you when i was in high school!!! (btw, i am an EHS alum) just found out about you and your awesome movement today. keep up the great work…i know God is just beaming and celebrating because of you. as for the storms, mine was selfishness for way too long…and at my worst time, i PUSHED Jesus away let alone felt like He was far away. thanks for giving guys/ kids, like me when i was in school, a ‘different’ way to live in our current culture!!! i will pray for you and look forward to getting a copy of your book. God bless

  2. Mike Ogas

    Riley, I have been telling people all weekend about what God did through you at the book launch event Friday night! Super stoked to see a young man have the courage to stand tall for Christ!

    much love!

  3. Thank Mike! If you know anybody at other churches, any youth workers, pastors, or anybody, feel free to send them my info. I’d be excited to go and speak at their youth group, church, or anything! Thanks again Mike, it means so much!

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