This week, the high school I go to is doing an assembly/simulation called “Every 15 Minutes”  The premise is that every 15 minutes, somebody dies from a drunk driving accident.  They make a whole simulation out of it, including having friends from school “die”, a ...Read the rest

If you live on planet earth, most likely you’ve been reading the Hunger Games or have seen the movie. It is pretty much everywhere these days. I think the books are great and I am about to finish the second one. The second book “Catching ...Read the rest

Easter has to be one of the raddest days. Think about it. Easter is when people all around the world are gathering to remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the thing that defined all history, and the thing that defines humanity as well. That’s a ...Read the rest

Can one millimeter possibly be that important? According to an ad featuring Audi’s engineering team: If it’s worth examining at all, it’s worth obsessing over. Agency Fred & Farid Paris is behind the car manufacturer’s latest campaign, which highlights the lengths that Audi’s engineers apparently go to ...Read the rest

"I wake up in the morning and piss excellence. No one can hang with my stuff... I'm just a big hairy American winning machine. Woooh!"

Ricky Bobby-