Audi of America’s latest TV spot has a social media tie-in that will give eight lucky Twitter users the chance to get behind the wheel of the Audi R8. A year ago, Joanne McCoy tweeted Audi of America about how badly she wanted the Audi ...Read the rest

Fresh from its own presidential moment, Reddit is hitting the road on a tech-finding, community-building mission. Here, Alexis Ohanian and Erik Martin talk about the key to Reddit’s culture. When President Obama showed up on Reddit’s “IAmA/AMA” question and answer forum in late August, the site had ...Read the rest

Today marks the 11th year since the tragedy of 9/11 struck.  It was a day that many will never forget, a day that changed our world, our nation, and our lives. Last February I got to go to New York and see the 9/11 memorial ...Read the rest

Many of us have some crazy pasts.  I don’t know everyone’s story, but I’ve heard enough stories to know that people have had some crazy and tough things happen in their past.  Maybe it was divorce, death, anger, depression, embarrassment, abandonment, or rape.  Maybe it ...Read the rest