Does anyone’s life feel like this right now? Wake up.  School.  Practice.  Homework.  Church.  Serve.  Facebok.  Sleep.  Repeat. Maybe it’s a little more rushed, and the church thing gets ditched. Wake up.School.Practice.Homework.Serve.Facebook.Sleep.Repeat. My assumption is that the days are feeling even more crammed, and with ...Read the rest

The other day I tweeted: “Your day may suck, but if you are a Christian, Jesus has saved you. One day in Heaven, the days will never suck.”. It was pretty cool to me that this tweet was favorited a few times (a favorite on twitter=a ...Read the rest

I love one liners.  You love one liners.  We all love a really, really, awesome, memorable, one liner.  They are in movies, music, books, and inside jokes with friends.  One liners can get us every time. I recently heard Mike Erre speak, and the guy ...Read the rest