When We Fail

Do you ever just mess up and get super bummed out?  You know that feeling that just rips and pulls and tugs at the heart?  That feeling of anger, of sadness, and of dissapointment?  Maybe it is because of something like this: You gave up ...Read the rest

Turn Your Campus 2013 Event Recap
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Yesterday was Turn Your Campus 2013.  It is an all day event at Biola University for Christian High School students who lead Christian clubs and who are involved in their youth group.  The whole goal of the event is to train and encourage students to ...Read the rest

Ask Yourself This
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There was this one time where I was sitting on the couch in my youth leader’s apartment.  It was after youth group and my youth leader and his wife had some students over at their house.  We were all sitting in that apartment, and, after ...Read the rest

I totally get it.  There may be times where you start to think about leaving your youth group.  Maybe you’re thinking it right now, maybe you’ve thought it in the past, and you may think it in the future.  Although I never walked away from ...Read the rest

Many of us may wonder how God could ever use us.  If you’ve ever thought that, watch this video of Nic Vujicic.  I spoke at four FCA’s this week two of them were high schools.  At the high schools, I shared a story about the ...Read the rest

Love Without Walls: An FCA Message
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(This post comes from the message I did at Huntington High School and Estancia High School’s FCA.  If you want info on having me speak, you can fill out the contact form and we can connect!) We live in an era where love has massive ...Read the rest

Follow Jesus or Follow Peer Pressure: An FCA Message

These last two days (Monday and Tuesday) I have gotten to speak at two junior high schools.  The first was Tewinkle Middle School and the second was Ensign Middle School.  I really like speaking at any FCA huddles and I am always amazed by what ...Read the rest

The Daily Decisions

It’s 2013!!!!  A new year, new adventures, new ideas, and a desire to start new for many people.  It’s always a fun time and it is cool to see people talk about things they want to change about themselves, things they want to try, and ...Read the rest