Love in a High School Basketball Game

I went on Facebook the other day and saw this video.  It practically made me tear up. Matthew 22:36-40 36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” 37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your ...Read the rest

Seabreeze Winter Trip Recap

Last weekend I went on the Seabreeze Winter Trip to Big Bear.  It was such a fun time and I got to hangout with some awesome people.  The weekend was filled with playing human foosball(possibly the coolest youth group game ever), worshipping, good conversations, watching ...Read the rest

Why We Lose That “Mountain High”
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This past weekend, I went on a high school winter camp.  On Monday, I asked you guys why our faith seems to change when we come “down the mountain.”  Why do we struggle with being committed to God, whereas on our winter retreat it was ...Read the rest

Losing that “Mountain High”

Right now is church winter trip season.  I just got back from a winter trip to Big Bear with Seabreeze HSM.  Something weird always happens on winter trips though.  Many have resorted to calling it the “camp high.” In case you are unaware with the ...Read the rest

A Valentine’s Day Post
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I’ll admit it.  I think Valentine’s Day is sorta weird.  In elementary school, it was an excuse to give each other candy.  After the elementary school year, it is just sort of a strange thing.  But, Valentine’s Day always brings up conversations about love and ...Read the rest

More Than Snowboarding: An Important Weekend

(The other day I posted 3 Tips For Winter Camp.  Consider a sort of prequel to that post.  Why should we follow those three tips?  I want to answer that question here.) Winter trips were always my one chance to snowboard each year.  I loved ...Read the rest

Tips for Winter Camp

The next week or so, every blog post will be about winter camp.  I am going on Seabreeze’s winter camp next weekend and I know that many youth groups are going on winter camps right now.  I wanted to write out a few tips I ...Read the rest

As You Change The World, Don’t Forget Your English Class

There is something very awesome and very distinct about our generation.  Our generation, unlike previous generations, has a collective desire to change the world and we think it is possible.  Our generation is constantly talking about thinks like poverty, sex trafficking, famine, and the water ...Read the rest

Does God Care About Sports?
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This weekend is, as my dad likes to call it, one of the biggest holidays of the year for America – The Superbowl.  The epic football battle, the commercials, the halftime shows, and the food and parties surrounding this football game make it a highlight ...Read the rest

What Makes The Gospel Good News

The message that Jesus Christ came to Earth to save us from our sins, make us right with God, and offer us eternal life when we put our faith and trust in Him is called The Good News.  It is interesting to me that the ...Read the rest