Jesus Has Won
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I feel like this is something I say a lot on this blog, but the fact of the matter is that our life gets really busy really quickly.  And unfortunately, a busy life can many times mean a life that has forgotten to be focused ...Read the rest

Youth Group In The Summer: Why You Should Go
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My post on Monday was called “Go To Youth Group (Even When You Don’t Want To) which you can read by clicking this cool button.   I wanted to do a follow up post. Since it’s already May, that means that summer is right around the ...Read the rest

Go To Youth Group (Even When You Don’t Want To)
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A disagreement with a leader.  The feeling of being judged.  Not feeling included.  Not being able to serve in the worship band.  A lack of time in the day.  An ex-boyfriend or an ex-girlfriend who still goes.  The feeling of hypocrisy after partying or watching ...Read the rest