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12 years ago today, on September 11, 2001, one of the biggest tragedies happened.  Two airplanes crashed into the Twin Towers in New York.  A terrorist group had attacked the United States.  And not just anywhere in the United States.  No, this was New York City.  And it had been attacked.

On that day, you and I were in elementary school.  I was in the second grade and I vividly remember seeing what happened on the news.  That day has haunted our nation and has caused many to grieve and hurt.

Because we were so young, I feel like it is hard to remember what it was like that day and the days after.  But from what I hear, it revitalized a sense of hope in our country.  It revitalized the desire to care for each other.  It created a deep and profound desire to be united as one nation under God who would get through this tragedy.

One story that constantly grips me is the story of a local Episcopalian church down the road from where the Twin Towers were hit.  This church became a safe haven for people to go to, a place for firefighters and relief workers to get food and supplies, and a place for people to get rest and help.  This little church became a place where real community happened.

Though we can’t redo the pain that has happened because of 9/11, we can learn from it and know that we have a deep need to care for others, love others, and be there for other people.  This life is not about us.  This life is about loving God and loving others.

Evil like 9/11 will happen again.  And evil will happen all around us.  But how we deal with that evil will guide us.  We can be like that little Episcopalian church.  We can be that light, that comfort, that rest, and that joy to this dark world.  And we can show people Jesus, the provider of salvation.

John 3:19 “This is the verdict: Light has come into the world…”

This 9/11, ask God how you can be a light in your homes, your schools, your groups of friends, your sports teams, and your churches.  Be like that little Episcopalian Church by serving others around you.

When you hear about 9/11, what comes to your mind?  Where can you be a light to this dark world?  Share below!


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