You Are Not Condemned

As I sit here thinking about what to write for a new blog post, I instantly felt a weight of heaviness on my heart as something came to mind.  So, that is what inspired this blog post. Do you know that voice that tells you ...Read the rest

Truth Among The Self-Image Lies

(Because it’s still October, I want to address a few more things that pertain to dances.  I think we’ve had some fun doing so.  Check out the last few posts to see them!). When dances start happening, I think people start to really focus on ...Read the rest

Popularity Isn’t So Great
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Last week, I posted a letter that I, an 18 year old college sophomore, wrote to the 14 year old high school version of myself.  It got a lot of views and a few cool comments (the first time anyone disagreed with me, it was ...Read the rest

High School Dances: A Letter To Myself

It’s October, which means you are probably starting to think about Homecoming, the first dance of the school year.  I remember High School dances being fun, sort of stressful, awkward at times, and something that I do not regret going to.  Hear me out.  I ...Read the rest