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What Foundation Are You Building?

I recently read an article on titled “Ninth Grade: The Most Important Year in High School”.  It talked about ...Read the rest

You Are Not Condemned

As I sit here thinking about what to write for a new blog post, I instantly felt a weight of ...Read the rest

Truth Among The Self-Image Lies

(Because it’s still October, I want to address a few more things that pertain to dances.  I think we’ve had ...Read the rest

Popularity Isn’t So Great

Last week, I posted a letter that I, an 18 year old college sophomore, wrote to the 14 year old ...Read the rest

High School Dances: A Letter To Myself

It’s October, which means you are probably starting to think about Homecoming, the first dance of the school year.  I ...Read the rest

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Our column shortcode makes it easy to create complicated layouts. Just hit the column button, select the amount you want (1-6), and the desired layout, then hit insert. Now you just need to come up with the content.

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